Sunday, June 5, 2011

Microsites designed by IT0091

Its a pleasure to inform that Team IT0091 has delivered the first lot of microsites to our client SecPoint.

The process involved was very long as explained below:

We do research on keywords required by the client, then check for the domain availability and search high traffic keywords. Then find out where it is available the cheapest.

Our designer designs the layout for the site and we implement that.

Then we have to search for the content from SecPoint and categorize it differently. The site structure for each site should be different. We select the content which matches the keywords of the domain name. We alter HTML tags. We need to format the content.

Then we upload the site to FTP (if required we need to make some settings on the server too). And test (Quality Assurance) the site on each browser.

Then we do SEO/SEM by posting links to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and on our own site ( and on our blog ( and on some free blogs (like wordpress, typepad and blogger).

Plus there are so many factors involved (small and big), that may affect the deadlines and work efforts.

On an average we quote 20 hours per site. For bulk order or an extension to the earlier order our charges are less, else they are 200 USD per site.

The microsites can be visited here:

Your comments/feedback/suggestions are welcome.

Kindly feel free to contact us for your requirements of Microsites Designing, Websites Designing and Custom Web/Mobile/Desktop application software.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Online photo print

Before few days I wanted to print a collage poster and for that I tried in Udaipur Local Market but no one was ready to print a collage off 20x30 size. Then I started online hunt for a better printing service.

I reviewed,, and I tested the online uploader and collage designer but wasn't satisfied. Some had fixed layout and fixed background colors, while other didn't gave options to design the collage with the flexibilities I needed. Plus the price were not within my budget.

Then I came across iTasveer. With its DoodlePad, I could resize, move, rotate, skew images, and I could select custom background themes. I was able to assign borders and frames to the images and a shadow effect too. There were custome emoticons/clip art shapes to fill in the gaps. I got the 20x30 collage delivered at my home within 3 days and for Rs. 590. :) And believe me the paper quality and the print of the collage was awesome. A perfect glossy finish !!!

You can use Flickr/Picasa images with this and you can share your albums across the world. I am lucky to find such a greater service and glad to share it across the friends.

I bet you cannot find a better online printing service than iTasveer.

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