Monday, June 30, 2008

Finding Fast Life Insurance

Since the widespread growth of internet usage and database building it’s never been easier or quicker to find fast life insurance. There was a time not long ago that the project could drag out forever. The process began with phone calls and lots of dialog between you and agents about various policies, options and underwriting requirements. Today fast life insurance is possible.

You simply kick off your shoes, grab your favorite drink, boot up the computer and log in to the internet. Then you type in what you're looking for and bang the results pop up on the screen for your review. That alone saved you a lot of time and talk.

Then you review the sites for quotes and results. Most of these services provide you data on the most aggressive carriers available. They aren't biased generally speaking as they make their money regardless of which program and so forth that you buy.

This entire shopping process can be done in less than an hour and finding the best offers as well. If you have questions there's normally a toll-free phone number or email address for you to use.

You simply fill out and online application and you're almost done. If your age and amount of insurance require a medical examine you'll be contacted immediately and schedule for someone to stop by for probably a half hour to take your blood pressure, obtain a urine sample and ask you a few questions.

This whole process is very simple and as you can see that’s pretty fast life insurance.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Plan your retirement with Easy Retire

Hi Friends,

Lets discuss a retirement plan that will suit you. Guaranteed Satisfaction.

Today, all are busy working hard to achieve their goals. But all are going to retire one day. No matter how you want to live your life after retirement, but you need to plan and arrange for a regular income.

Tata AIG Life Insurance Company Ltd presents Easy Retire, an individual immediate annuity plan. Its the ideal solution to convert your corpus to regular income. The regular income helps you cope with the expenses that continue even when you stop working and in fact increase with age as a result of mounting health bills and increasing prices.

Easy Retire is an immediate annuity plan with Return of Purchase Price (RoPP) which can be purchased through a single premium payment. The plan provides for annuity payments which are paid throughout the life time of an annuitant.

How does the Plan Work?

  • All you have to do is pay a single premium. (This amount is your purchase price)
  • Choose annuity payment modes [the frequency at which you want the income] - monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly
  • Tata AIG Life Insurance Company Ltd guarantees you a rate per thousand at the time of purchase and this depends on the age as well as purchase price.
  • Opt for either receiving post dated cheques or a direct credit into your bank account. i.e. PDCs / ECS


Annuity - Series of regular payments received by the policy holder

Annuitant - Person who receives the annuity benefit.

RoPP - In this plan the annuity is paid to the annuitant throughout his/her life. On the death of the annuitant the purchase price is returned to the nominee.

Entry Conditions:

Minimum Purchase amount Rs. 50,000
Minimum age of purchase 21 years
Maximum age of purchase 80 years
Policy period Life time
Premium payment Period Single
Minimum annuity installment Rs. 3,000 p.a
Annuity rates - Unisex Yes
Medical Requirement None

You can Download the Brochure here

Please Note:

  • No surrender permitted under this plan.
  • Tata AIG Life Insurance Company Ltd. reserves the right to review the annuity rates, subject to IRDA's prior approval.
  • Please ask for latest rates at the time of purchasing the annuity plan
  • Once the annuity is bought, the rate remains constant throughout the lifetime of the annuitant
  • Once the frequency of payment is opted it cannot be changed
  • No loan will be available under this plan
  • Incentives available for higher purchase price
  • Please refer to the policy documents for more details
So, hope you have liked this plan. Call me to purchase it ASAP and be tension-free.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Life Insurance Advisor - Do You Really Need One?

When you look at all the life insurance companies online, signing up for a policy seems as simple as typing in some information and clicking "enter." But are you sure your policy covers all of your assets and your family's needs? Are you going to remember to review your coverage every few years? If you aren't absolutely confident in what you need or have a full understanding of your policy, going to a life insurance advisor is a better route for you.

How Do I Find A Life Insurance Advisor?

If you are already doing research on life insurance, you probably have come across some various companies. If they are reputable, they will recommend that you see a life insurance advisor, and they may even be able to recommend some. Friends, family members, and even co-workers are great resources for finding a trustworthy advisor. You can also explore various professional organizations that certify agents or offer professional memberships. They may have a referral service.

Since you should make sure that your agent has an insurance based education, looking via certification agencies can be beneficial. And since belonging to professional associations like the IRDA(Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) shows that an agent adheres to a certain code of ethics, these organizations can point you in the right direction.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Tips For Choosing A Life Insurance Company

More than 15 insurance companies offer hundreds of life insurance products in INDIA.

Choosing the right company and right product from this bewildering choice is challenging. Fortunately, there are some common sense guidelines that will help you narrow the field to a more manageable selection of companies and products.

Looking at the Cost

The life insurance business is highly competitive, but the industry tries to avoid price competition whenever possible. Instead, companies attempt to make their products sufficiently different from their competitors so that price is less of a factor in product selection.

However, there are ways you can keep your premium rates to a minimum without affecting the quality of your cover.

  • Consider Term Life Insurance - Term Life Insurance is the cheapest form of life cover available and premiums are very competitive.
  • Shop around - in particular, if you know exactly what type of cover you require and don’t need advice, you can reduce your premiums by asking for a discount. This reduces your monthly payments below the premium you would pay by applying direct to the insurance company.
  • Stop smoking - premium rates for smokers are 30-40% higher than for non-smokers. If you can or are thinking of quitting you will save hundreds on your premiums over the term of the policy.
  • Only pay for the cover you need - If you are looking for term insurance and critical illness, you can make big savings by buying a combined policy. These only pay out one lump sum rather than the two that separate policies would pay, if you suffer a critical illness and then die.

Obviously, the cost of monthly premiums is going to be a major factor in your choice of insurer but, it should not be your only consideration.

Product Quality

There can be major differences between life insurance policies so it is important that you compare like with like and check the small print. This is particularly important if you are including extra’s such as Critical Illness Cover. Always read the Key Facts document carefully and look for some of the following benefits:

  • Are the premiums Guaranteed? This means the premiums are guaranteed to remain the same throughout the term of your policy. This is opposed to `Non-Guaranteed´ premiums which, as the name suggests, are Non-Guaranteed usually every 5 years and can increase/decrease dramatically.
  • Check that the policy has terminal illness benefit included. This is a valuable extra which is now included in most Term Life Insurance policies for free and will pay the life insurance amount early if you suffer a terminal illness.
  • Can the policy be written in trust? This will avoid any delay in the money going to your dependants and the risk of inheritance tax being charged on the benefit.
  • Can waiver of premium benefit be included in your plan. This is a valuable extra which, if you become too ill to work for a number of months, will ensure your cover continues without you having to pay the premiums.
  • A valuable feature of some policies is counselling for your family if you die?

Claims History

No matter how good the policy it will all be for nothing if your insurer is difficult or obstructive if you should have to make a claim.The industry pays out over lakhs a day in pension and life insurance claims and all insurers have procedures in place to process claims on their policies.

Before taking out a policy it is advisable to contact your prospective insurer and ask about their claims history. Note their willingness to provide this information and the attitude promoted by their response. Do they look for reasons to pay claims or excuses to avoid them?

Financial Strength

When selecting or evaluating a life insurance company, a logical place to begin is by reviewing the ratings given by major insurance company rating services. In a rating, the rating company or agency expresses its opinion of the life insurance companies financial condition.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Know Your Own Worth

Almost anything can be insured these days: hands, legs, your goldfish, your mental health, physical health, your own life, your child’s life. You can insure against the bad weather, good weather, political events….

This week in Scotland, triathlon competitors were insured for £1 million in case they were injured by the Loch Ness monster according to the BBC….life insurance perhaps? It would seem that recent rumours of Nessie seeking a more exotic meal of wild venison and exploring the loch shores have finally reached the corporate world.

But is Nessie the real monster in this, what other terrible creatures lie hidden in the complexity of insurance documents? The insurance small-print is usually the last thing most people take to bed to induce a soporific state and who could blame those opting for Dick Francis, Gilly Cooper or Joan Collins?

In terms of personal insurance, there are eight general areas of insurance in which the consumer should be interested:

  • Buildings insurance
  • Contents insurance
  • Life insurance or life assurance
  • Health insurance
  • Family legal protection
  • Pet insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Car insurance

Buildings insurance covers your property against damage typically caused by fire, flood, subsidence damage, temporary accommodation and the cost of replacing broken or lost keys. External buildings in the vicinity of the insured property may also be covered, such as sheds and garages. The website, which provides insurance information for disabled people, makes the statement that building insurance should be the bare minimum people take out, not only to protect the property, but to protect the mortgage.

Alongside buildings insurance, contents insurance should also be considered. Contents insurance is frequently packaged with buildings insurance and covers your furniture, equipment and personal belongings against fire, lightning, flooding, theft or vandalism. Accidental damage can be included, but may be sold as an optional extra. advises that the three main priorities when taking out building (or content) insurance should be:

  • To decide how much cover you want – the more you want covered, the higher the cost.
  • To decide what excess you’re prepared to pay – the site advises that in most cases, increasing the excess will reduce the premium
  • To identify any particularly expensive single items in your home, including costly adaptations to the home
  • To isolate any property which is regularly taken outdoors, as contents insurance may also protect bicycles, money and credit cards etc

Health / medical insurance typically covers private treatment for an operation or illness and may be extended to include specific circumstances or events such as specialist consultations and out-patient treatment like physiotherapy.

Family legal protection may provide some financial assistance in the event of involvement in a court case. Such insurance normally covers contract disputes, personal injury claims, employment disputes and jury service.

Pet insurance is often widely available for cats and dogs, though sometimes is less common for other animals, the cost of kennel and cattery fees are normally covered in pet insurance policies.

Travel insurance and the importance of shopping around for the best policy, has been widely publicised recently, urging consumers to shop around for the best deal, including undertaking some research online. Some of the high street players who offer travel insurance, levy premiums that are typically twice as expensive as purchasing cover online.

With regard to car insurance, there are three types of policy available: 3rd party, 3rd party (fire and theft) and comprehensive. Third Party is the most basic and will cover damage to third party property, usually with some protection for legal expenses. This compares to comprehensive, where additional protection is available for damage caused by theft, attempted theft, fire, lightning and other adverse weather conditions.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Choose the best policy, online...

“Okay. I’ll admit it was not nearly as romantic as flying her parents and my parents all the way to Goa so that I could walk her to a beautiful plaza and scream at the top of my lungs how much I love this woman while draping a huge string of diamonds around her neck,” says 45 year old Ashish Jain, “But I did score some points for ensuring that if I die unexpectedly, she and our four children could be taken care of without her having to sell the one diamond she already has!”

Mr. Jain had been thinking about getting a new life insurance policy. When his company went through a downsizing and he unexpectedly lost his employer-provided coverage, he felt had to take action quickly.

“I was worried something like this could happen. A friend of mine lost his job and, because of a health problem that was discovered last year, he could not get coverage. That is pretty scary.”

Mr. Jain goes on, “I checked with the agent who sold me our homeowner’s and auto policy, but I was concerned that he could only offer policies from one company. I wanted to get some other options to consider.”

So Mr. Jain went online and started shopping. His search led him to an online agency with a large choice of policy options offered by top-rated companies.

“Unfortunately, Mr. Jain’s situation is quite common,” says that online agency’s marketing director. “We were able to show him quite a few inexpensive options from some of the best insurance companies. In less than 10 minutes we had completed all of his application information and had sent it off to underwriting. We hope to be able to deliver his policy within 15-25 days.”

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Now you don't need to worry about your health. HEALTH INVESTOR is here!!!

Hospital rooms. Doctor’s Bills. Stress. Worry. Tears. Frustration.

Life seems to be over the moment one is diagnosed with a critical illness. Critical illnesses, like cancer or heart attack are extremely unpredictable and can strike anytime, anywhere.

So, let’s discover HEALTH INVESTOR today.

With Health Investor from TATA AIG LIFE, life doesn’t have to come to a standstill. Because the financial cover it offers plays a large role in contributing to your peace of mind and subsequent recovery.

What’s more, if u are fortunate enough – never to be diagnosed with a Critical Illness, the premiums you pay will never go to waste as they will be refunded in case there is no claim.

If you are ever diagnosed with any of the 12 Critical Illnesses, or need surgery, this special benefit provides you with a lumpsum amount.

It is a unique Critical Illness Health Product with 100% Return of Premium* benefit.

The 12 Critical Illnesses covered are: Cancer, Stroke, Heart Attack, Chronic Renal Failure, Aorta Surgery, Heart Valve Surgery, Major Organ Transplants, Coronary Bypass Surgery, Parkinson’s Disease, Paralysis, Benign Brain Tumour, Total Blindness.

The key features are listed below:

  • Lumpsum benefit on diagnosis of any of the 12 Critical Illnesses and Surgeries.

  • Cover in case of unfortunate death (U will get the Sum Assured or “Total Premiums Paid”, whichever is higher).

  • 100% Return of Premium* in case of no claim on maturity.

  • 5% increase of the basic Critical Illness Sum Assured, every year, up to 50%.

  • Limited premium payment period.

  • The minimum age is 18 years and maximum is 55 years and maximum maturity age is 65 years.

  • Policy Term can be 10, 15, 20, 25 years. Any term you choose, the last 5 years premium is paid by the company, so you have to pay premiums for 5, 10, 15, 20 years respectively for above terms. This is the best deal, I feel!!!
Now you can have a win-win situation when u secure your health with Health Investor.
See how this is possible in the example given here.


Mr. Sameer Sharma, 30 year old (in case of no claim)
Sum AssuredRs. 4,30,416
Policy Term20 years
Premium Term15 years
Annual PremiumRs. 15,000*
Tax Savings (80 C)Rs. 5,099
Total Premium Paid15 * 15,000 = Rs. 2,25,000*
Total Tax Saved15 * 5099 = Rs. 76,485
Amount Effectively Paid2,25,000 – 76,485 = Rs. 1,48,515
Amt. paid back at maturity if no claimsRs. 2,25,000*
If a Critical Illness is diagnosed at the age of 40 years
CI Sum Assured (Year 1)Rs. 4,30,416
Total CI Sum Assured at age 40Rs. 6,45,624 (5% increase, upto 50%)
Lumpsum benefit of Rs. 4,30,416 (Sum Assured)
in case of death during policy term

*Excluding Service Tax

The premium rates also vary depending on the age. The earlier
you start, the more beneficial it is and the longer term you choose the maximum
benefit you can have.

Below are the Premium Rates in Rs. Per 1000 Sum Assured:
Gender Male
Term 10 15 20 25
18 68.10 30.90 21.25 17.90
19 68.80 31.50 21.85 18.50
20 69.50 32.20 22.55 19.25
21 71.35 33.00 23.35 20.05
22 72.10 33.85 24.25 20.90
23 73.80 34.80 25.20 21.75
24 74.50 35.90 26.25 22.75
25 76.70 37.15 27.40 23.85
26 78.50 38.65 28.60 25.00
27 80.55 40.25 30.00 26.30

Gender Female
Term 10 15 20 25
18 68.80 31.60 21.95 18.45
19 69.50 32.20 22.60 19.05
20 71.10 33.10 23.45 19.75
21 72.60 34.10 24.20 20.55
22 74.10 35.15 25.10 21.35
23 75.80 36.30 26.10 22.25
24 77.60 37.60 27.15 23.20
25 79.65 38.95 28.25 24.20
26 81.85 40.40 29.45 25.30
27 84.35 42.05 30.75 26.50

Decide yourself early and save your hard-earned money!!!

As per a survey conductedby TATA AIG LIFE across the consumers in INDIA:

  • 72% of respondents will not be able to manage for more than a year on savings, insurance
    payments, or money from family/friends if the main income source was eliminated
    due to sickness or accident.

  • 69% of individuals have not provided for medical coverage post-retirement.

So, ensure you and your family stay protected.

Contact me to get life insurance quote online. Hurry up!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Insure yourself for lifetime with MAHALIFE GOLD, and get fixed income every year


Today we are going to discuss the life insurance product which I like the most and I tell you I have made most sales of it.


The unique insurance plan which protects you till your 100th birthday. Yes, you get life time protection and guaranteed lifetime income until your 100th birthday! The best part of it is that you need to pay the premium only for 15-years...

So, its really the best deal where you pay the premium for 15 years and get yourself protected and secure your family's future till your 100th birthday. I bet you won't find a better deal anywhere.

The key features are listed below:

Key features:

* A guaranteed annual coupon of 5% of the sum assured every year for the rest of the insured’s term from the 10th policy anniversary.
* Yearly cash dividends are available from the 6th policy anniversary onwards (depending on Company performance).
* On death before the age of 100 or at maturity at age 100, the entire Sum Assured will be paid.
* The entire sum assured is paid tax-free as per current Income Tax Laws.
* The minimum age at entry is 30 days and maximum is 60 years.
* It has 4 Premium paying bands: 0-35, 36-45, 46-50 and 51-55 years. Premium from age 56-60 are age specific rates. So if your age is less you have to pay less. Start early and benefit from it.
* You will receive acheque every year for Coupons from the 10th policy anniversary onwards and towards Annual Cash Dividends from the 6th policy anniversary onwards.
* 15 days free look up period.

The cash dividends are like below:

Policy AnniversaryAnnual Cash Dividend
(% of Sum Assured)
20th & above9.3%

If you manage to calculate carefully, then from 6th year you are getting 3.1% of Sum Assured, from 10th year 11.2% of Sum Assured and from 20th year 14.3% of Sum Assured and you are paying Rs.0 from the 16th year.

Lets see this with an example:

Suppose you are going for a Sum Assured/Coverage of Rs.10,00,000. Depending on your age, you have to pay a premium of Rs.87,000 if you are in band-1, for 15 years. i.e. 87,000 * 15 = Rs.13,05,000. From 6th year you will get 3.1% of 10lakh, i.e. Rs.31,000. Then from 10th year you will get 11.2% of 10lakh, i.e. Rs.1,12,000. So from 10th year your policy is free as you are paying 87,000 and getting 1,12,000. From 16th year you are paying Rs.0 and getting Rs.1,12,000. And from 20th year, you will be getting Rs.1,43,000.

Now, lets see other brighter side. You are paying in total Rs.13,05,000 and within those 15 years you are getting back Rs.7,96,000((31,000 * 4) + (1,12,000 * 6)). So, the total capital remained invested is 13,05,000 - 7,96,000 = Rs.5,09,000. And on this capital you are getting Rs.1,43,000 every year, i.e. a return greater than 28% per annum. And all other Tax benefits and Tax savings and security for your family are add-ons.

You can download the excel file from the below given link to understand it better:
Download Now

So, what are you thinking off?? Hurry up!!! Contact me and get a lifetime security...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Secure your family's tomorrow with RAKSHA


Lets talk about Term Life Insurance today.

Searching in the market, I bet you will not find a better policy than RAKSHA for Term Life Insurance.

By the way Term Life Insurance is the best form of life insurance and its the real insurance. Others such as ULIPs, or Money-Back Plans or Endowment plans are modified form of insurance with an investment perspective.

RAKSHA comes with four options for premium payment terms, viz. 10, 15, 20, 25.
You can choose any of the term for yourself.

The premium depends on the entry age. Look at the image below:

As you can see for Rs.15laks of coverage, you just need to pay Rs.2,655 at age 20, Rs.2,790 at age 25, Rs.3,030 at age 30 and Rs.3,855 at age 35. This is the cheapest insurance I feel. You can research in the market and come back to me.

If u are thinking of taking a term insurance then hurry up. Contact me soon and get the best deals.



Today I wanna discuss with you regarding INVEST ASSURE GOLD, a whole life unit linked insurance plan from TATA AIG LIFE.

In this policy you have the coverage for lifetime or upto 100 years of your age. The key features are listed below

Key features:

* Flexibility to choose your premium payment term: 5 years or for the entire duration of the policy.
* Benefit period: For the entire life till 100 years of age.
* Facility to increase the premium through Top up Premium.
* Provides security to your family in case of your unfortunate death.
* Facility to increase the Sum Assured through Top up Premium.
* Gives you the flexibility to choose your fund based on your risk profile - Whole Life Mid Cap Equity, Whole Life Aggressive Growth, Whole Life Stable Growth, Whole Life Income, and Whole Life Short Term Fixed Income. You may choose to switch between the funds, anytime subject to certain conditions.
* Enables you to enjoy market-linked returns with a potential for higher growth.
* Opportunity to bring you additional income on funds that might have otherwise given you minimum returns in your savings account, subject to market performance.
* Loyalty Benefit: Additional 0.25% of units under the Regular Premium Account every 5 years provided the policy is in force.

The age is 30 days (minimum) to 70 years of your age (maximum). Now, imagine if you go for this life insurance policy for your new born baby, then you will cover his/her whole life with unlimited gains possibility.

The minimum sum assured is the higher of: (i) 5 times the annual regular premium or (ii) ((Annual regular premium)/2)/(70-age at entry). There is no cap on the maximum sum assured.

For example, if you are aged 35 years and want to pay the Annual regular premium of Rs.1lakh, the minimum sum assured that u have to take is Rs.17.5lakhs, which is a premium multiple of 17.5 based on your entry age. You also have the option to increase the sum assured by paying extra amount later as a Top-Up Amount at no extra charge..

Now for above example if you opt for a premium payment term of 5 years, i.e. if you pay 1lakh for 5 yrs, total 5 lakhs then on your 100th b'day you will get 9,38,34,040!!! Yes, a whoopping 9crores... and may be more...because this is assumed at 10% growth rate only...

And in case of your unfortunate death, your family gets the higher of sum assured or fund value.. i.e. your family gets Rs.17.5 lakhs or more....

So this is the real golden plan from TATA AIG LIFE...

Contact me soon to apply for this.